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Multi-medium Creative ✦ Consultant Educator Poet ✦ Public Speaker 

Queen G's Current Projects:
Queen G Creative Patreon

You’ve asked and I’ve answered. You can sign up for as little as $3 a month! Each level offers different content, benefits, resources, etc.! For those of you interested in joining me on this journey, I want to thank you for supporting #Blackwomen #BlackCreatives and #Blackart. Buckle up, beloved; we have beautiful work to do! 
Click here or head to Patreon.com/QueenGCreative

The Royal Room Podcast

Queen G is the host of a new podcast called #TheRoyalRoom! 

Welcome to The Royal Room, where translate the taboo into table talk and affirm the phenomenal in you!

You can find this podcast on the Anchor app, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sound cloud and most podcast platforms! Just search "The Royal Room with Queen G", or click the photo above.

For more info on The Royal Room with Queen G, click the Events and Info page.

Quarantine Creativity: Mondays

Join us on IG live @QueenGCreative every other Monday at 9 PM for live poetry, discussions, affirmation, and all kinds of creativity...even in the midst of a pandemic!

The Whetting Stone Chapbook

Queen G's debut chapbook entitled "The Whetting Stone" is available for purchase! Click Here to learn more and order the book!

Queen G Poetry Merch

We've got NEW MERCH available! 

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